Year end gathering with ex-classmates?

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Have you been to a gathering with ex-classmates who had graduated 20 to 30 years ago? You silently wish that everyone greets you with, “you look just like during school days!” You may notice that some of your friends looked almost the same as their student days, while others aged beyond recognition.

All of us age at different rates. It depends on our genes, our environment and how well we take care of our skin and body. While we cannot change our genes, we can positively influence our aging process by paying attention to our lifestyle. Just by exercising regularly and watching our diets can dramatically impact the way we age. Our diet plan should include anti-oxidants to combat free-radicals, unstable molecules produced by our body’s metabolism that had been theoretically hypothesized as one of the cause of aging.

Ms Susan, a teacher, does not deny that age has set in, but she has always been in search of a solution for her aging skin, and to her, one important criteria is that it should be something natural. She reads widely, and stumbled upon OLIVA forte in a magazine. Knowing that the product contains natural ingredients gives her the comfort to start on it.

12 days after starting on OLIVA forte, Susan felt that her skin is less dry. 2 months later, her skin tone has visibly improved. An area of hard skin that she had for years cleared off as well, one effect of OLIVA forte that surprised her till today. She continued on OLIVA forte Enchant since then.   We all have to face aging eventually. But, like Susan, you can now do something to fight it instead of denying it.

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