The itch that won’t go away – Ian’s story

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Mr Ian Tan, an executive in a chemical company, used to feel disappointed whenever the sun is too hot for him to go out for a cycle. The heat and humidity caused his sensitive skin to flare out and triggered itchiness, scratching and lead to peeling. At 36, his skin started undergoing changes, mainly on his face, stomach and hands. “It was always dry, hot and itchy. I couldn’t stop the itchiness and keep scratching. I even had difficulty falling asleep at night. I tried using moisturiser but it didn’t help much. I am also afraid of using too much steroid cream.” said Ian.

Uncontrollable itch often disrupt sleep and make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. Over time, this can negatively impact emotional well-being, workplace performance, and overall health.

Itching can also cause skin damage and increase the likelihood of inflammation and infection. Very often, people suffering from chronic skin condition may feel self-conscious and don’t wish to step out of the house.

“After taking OLIVA forte Essence for 8 weeks, I started to see improvement on my skin. The itchiness subsided and my skin doesn’t peel so easily. I take 2 capsules daily.” said Ian.

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