The Essence of the Mediterranean Diet

Many have lauded the heart-healthy benefits of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet; countries in these regions have lower rates of cardiovascular related diseases. Working from this basis, our scientific researches have concluded that biophenols, a family of natural multi-action phenolic compounds present in olives, provide multiple health benefits.

CreAgri has taken it a step further by harnessing a miraculous secret of the Mediterranean - The Olive. Although biophenols are present in extracted olive oil, a higher concentration of these biophenols is found in the residual of olive water (juice).

Mediterranean Diet

Research on Olives

Free radical protection from olive juice

Our company focused its research in a natural biophenol compound known as “hydroxytyrosol”. It was found that it has the highest level of free radical protection activity ever reported for any natural antioxidant compound (three times more potent than those of both grape seed extract and epicatechin from green tea).

CreAgri has created The Integrale™ method - a proprietary environmentally friendly process to harvest hydroxytyrosol from olive juice without the use of solvent - and, subsequently, incorporated this compound into an effective patented, proprietary multi-action biophenols formulation leveraging the essence from the olive fruit.


300 Times Greater

OLIVA forte™ contains a unique formulation of natural biophenols derived from the patented Olea europaea (olive) extract which is harvested from the pulp of organic olives. It offers remarkable free-radical protection and efficacy because its minute molecular size allows it to be quickly absorbed, distributed and metabolised in the body.

Although similar biophenols are found in the best extra virgin olive oil, its concentration in olive juice is 300 times greater. Therefore, the multi-action biophenol effect of just one capsule of OLIVA forte™ is equivalent to consuming 8 to 12 ounces of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale which measures the scavenging activity of antioxidant compounds against cell-damaging free radicals, OLIVA forte™'s patented olive extract has a value of 27,000 micromole TE/g. This is three times the value of both grape skin extract and epicatechin from green tea.

ORAC Scale

Plasma ORAC Values

High Bioavailability

The patented Olea europaea (olive) extract has high bioavailability and offers remarkable free-radical protection because its minute molecular size allows it to be quickly absorbed, distributed and metabolised in the body.

A human clinical study is conducted by the Health Research Studies Centre in Los Altos, California in 2003 to evaluate the dose effectiveness of OLIVA forte™ on plasma ORAC levels in 12 healthy human subjects, free from diabetes and other chronic diseases. The subjects were divided into two groups of 6 subjects each, each group consuming different levels of OLIVA forte™.

The results of this study is remarkable. The following chart showed that OLIVA forte™ significantly increased ORAC levels in the blood within 30 minutes after consumption consuming OLIVA forte™. In other words, OLIVA forte™ can be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly to protect the body against the damaging effects caused by free radicals.


Extensive Global Certifications

OLIVA forte™ is produced in GMP facilities with strict adherence highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing, safety and quality control guidelines. It has achieved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status as recognised by the FDA and is certified Halal and Kosher. Although OLIVA forte™ has met stringent safety assessments, our belief in a natural approach towards our products drives us to continuously research and work towards replacing all synthetic compounds with natural ingredients.

The patented Olea europaea (olive) extract has high bioavailability and offers remarkable free-radical protection because its minute molecular size allows it to be quickly absorbed, distributed and metabolised in the body. And to ensure that you get the finest from nature, OLIVA forte™ uses only 100% certified organic olives. The highest safety standards are applied to the patented extraction process named Integrale™ which is completely non-toxic and the only one that is solvent-free. This way, the natural integrity of the biophenols is maintained and environmental pollution is prevented. With OLIVA forte™, you are assured of all the healthy goodness of olives minus the fat or calories.



Patent Protection

A patent is an exclusive right which, when granted, gives the inventor a monopoly to make, use or sell the invention within a jurisdiction (or jurisdictions) for a fixed period of time. Patent protection is crucial t o facilitate enhanced market exclusivity and prevent market entry of low cost substitutes. However, in the dietary supplement field for instance, we can hardly find any products with patent protection at all. This is because of the lengthy time and cost required to obtain even one patent. Furthermore, only novel and useful inventions are qualified to seek for patent protection. Hydroxytyrosol is backed by extensive medical studies. Currently, OLIVA forte™ has been granted five patents in the US for its revolutionary production processes and its effective formulation while several other patents are pending approval.

The approved patents are:

  1. US 6,165,475, December 26, 2000.
  2. US 6,197,308, March 6 2001
  3. US 6,416,808, July 9, 2002.
  4. US 6,936,287, August 30, 2005
  5. US 7,261,909, August 28, 2007


One of the key points of difference in OLIVA forte™ is the extensive range of clinical trials our product has undergone. Unlike many competitors in the market place today who make product claims based on very limited scientific evidence, we have chosen to subject our product to numerous human clinical trials to verify and prove the efficacy, quality and safety of OLIVA forte™.

Renowned research and educational institutions around the world have conducted scientific studies to verify the efficacy of OLIVA forte™. Human clinical studies have shown evidence of a major increase in antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. OLIVA forte™ is also clinically proven to assist against UV-damage and provide anti-ageing benefits. Furthermore, OLIVA forte™ has also been proven to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on clinical studies on OLIVA forte™.