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1st week, I started to see a difference in my skin. 2nd week, it was not so red and itchy. Within 2 months of OLIVA forte, the skin on my hand looks like how it looked like before.
Lyn Concepcion, 38


After taking OLIVA forte, I started to see the improvement in Caden’s skin (when he was 10 month old) and he falls sick less often now.
Shannon Tan , 32

I’ve been trying many organic ways to manage eczema without steroids. After taking OLIVA forte, my affected areas wasn’t itching as much and overall skin was much supple . In fact, dark pigmentation on my face due to pimple scarring is able to lighten at a faster rate than before.
Audrey , 38


My eczema started when I was hospitalised for a heart condition. Dark red spots started to appear on my right hand and it was itchy. After taking OLIVA forte for a month, the itchness reduced and red spots cleared.
Paul Thung, 79

I was diagnosis with psoriasis and my whole body was covered with red scaly rashes. I started consuming OLIVA forte in June. By end of 2nd month, my skin has improved and cleared up in most of the areas.
Paul Loh, 69

At first I took 2 capsules per day but did not see significant improvement. But after increasing to 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening per day, the skin on my face and body are no longer red and I rarely have any flare-up now.

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For healthier skin consider the organic olive juice that works from within

Well Researched

Olives have been a subject of interest within health-conscious communities for a long time.

Well Researched

Hydroxytyrosol, the key ingredient in OLIVA forte, has undergone an extensive range of clinical trials demonstrating its health benefits.


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Many have benefited from the efficacy of OLIVA forte. Find out more today!

Strong Safety Profile

OLIVA forte is 100% natural and safe for you and your family.

Strong Safety Profile

OLIVA forte is manufactured in GMP certified facilities. Additionally, Hydroxytyrosol is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, passing some of the strictest safety standards.

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